Become an International Speaker For Women of Law. It Requires 45 Minutes of Your Time and We Will Reach  Professional Women Across the World!

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From The Desk Of Patty Mohler

Subject: Invitation To Speak As A Panelist at The Invitation To Change Summit 2021



2020 was a year of change for all of us; we now realize the importance of communication and connection more than ever. 

In 2021, I started a movement called Communication Connection. The movement's mission is to cultivate meaningful conversation and positive action. Most women want to find ways to take care of themselves and their families and connect on a deeper level.   

I am hosting An Invitation To Change Summit to help professional women connect and learn skills and tools to enhance communication personally and professionally. As a professional leader in your business, your wisdom positively impacts the world. As the creator of this event, I am extending an invitation to be a speaker at the next virtual summit. As part of The Communication Connection campaign, we have a following of high-achieving individuals who will benefit from hearing your experiences. This event will require 45 minutes of your time to be a panelist on an international stage. Participants will benefit by you just being you! 

The speaking sessions will be in interviews or panel discussions, and I will moderate those. We need 45 minutes of your time for the speaking opportunity.  We will also have a conference-style mastermind for all our speakers to give you opportunities to make lasting connections within your industry

I look forward to e-meeting you on Zoom for the summit. Here are the times for the speaking sessions on the link here.

All the sessions will be pre-recorded. Recordings will take place between 25th Mar - 11th Apr 2021. Click Here to reserve your slot.

Please feel free to reach out to me for support or questions:

[email protected] 

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Invitation To Change Summit aims to cultivate meaningful conversation and positive action. 

I need your support to make it happen.


This past year has created a crisis that needs attention - especially the attention of professional females who are 1) taking care of their business - which has been impacted, and 2) taking care of their families. 


The significant rise in mental health issues across the world means communication, professionally and at home, are more important than ever before. The Invitation To Change Summit aims to spark discussions about improving our connections with ourselves, loved ones, and colleagues. 


The Communication Connection movement aims to help professional women create a legacy, have deeper connections, and create positive change. The movement's mission is to serve the world by serving professional women, and I hope to get your support. 


Discussions with professionals on communication, superwoman syndrome, and compassion fatigue will open the doors to more conversations; I welcome you to speak at the summit and support the communication connection movement.


This is the time when we need to talk about transforming lives more openly, so let's make it happen.


When we educate and empower a professional woman, we educate and empower a  household. The Invitation To Change Summit is catered to the needs of professional women who are taking care of their professional life, families, and impacting the world.  


Invitation To Change Summit will take your wisdom to the world and it will also give you an opportunity to meet other amazing professional women who are serving the world as attorneys, just like you. 

I will be thrilled to have you SPEAK at our summit and I look forward to seeing you. 

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For 45 Minutes of Your Time, Speak At The Virtual Summit, We Will Get Your Message To Over 5000 Professional Women Across The World!


Become an International Speaker To and For Professional Women. It Requires 45 Minutes of Your Time, and We Will Reach over 5000 Professional Women Across the World!

The Invitation To Change Summit uses a discussion format amongst professional women attorneys from around the world. It is a fun, relaxed discussion format. Please show up as you and participate in the discussion. No prep necessary!
During the first 5 minutes of the call, we will say hello and settle in for the discussion. I will start recording the discussion for the summit; this will take 30 minutes. I am the host and will ask the questions and let the conversation begin! Then, we have a 5 minutes global networking amongst the speakers. 
Below are the key topics that we will be exploring during the summit sessions:  
  • What is the most valuable communication skill you need to be successful?
  • How do you manage work/life integration?
  • Are you part of a networking group, either professionally or personally? Are they beneficial?
  • What is the superwoman syndrome?
  • What is the one thing you need right now?
  • What is Compassion Fatigue?
I look forward to hosting and moderating the discussion at the summit. Please book a convenient time on the link below, and I will be waiting for you at our scheduled time online. You will get the Zoom call link upon the time confirmation in your email. The sessions will be pre-recorded for the summit on the date and time you will pick on the link below. The recordings will take place between 25th March - 11th April 2021. The summit will be put together by my staff and released April 21-23, 2021.

Kind regards,

Patty Mohler


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If You Want To Know What To Expect On the Zoom Call, Please Find The Details Below


In the 45 minutes, we spend together on a Zoom Call, which will be recorded between 25th March - 11th April 2021, you can expect the following:  

•  The First 5 Minutes: We greet each other and get to know each other. It could be a one to one interview with Patty or a Panel Discussion with like-minded professional women. We discuss the topic of discussion and then officially start the recording for the summit.

•  The Next 30 Minutes: We record the summit session and that session goes live on the summit on April 21-23, 2021. 

• The Last 5 Minutes: We provide thanks and make connections with fellow speakers if it's a panel. 

Some sessions are solo interviews and others are group interaction primarily because of the time zone differences and there come to some time frames which are excessively in demand by speakers and hence we curate them as panels. Both have the same objective for the summit and every speaker will get an invite to come for a common live mastermind at a later date. 


Would you be willing to share 45 minutes...



Who Is the Host, Here Are More Details


Patty Mohler

Patty Mohler, MS, LMHC, is a highly renowned speaker, consultant, and therapist helping individuals, families, and businesses understand and overcome contemporary interpersonal communications challenges to build long-lasting, deep, and meaningful relationships with people. An unwavering belief drives Patty's work that everyone can design and create the life they were meant to live regardless of the challenges around them. Patty captivates audiences through positive energy, humor, and a holistic approach to wellness of mind and body and inspires purposeful connections and communications. 

Patty's workshops, retreats, and summits are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the joy and meaning of our shared human experiences. Owner and Founder of Patty Mohler Counseling and Renew and Restore, Patty is a specialist in cultivating effective communication to build long-lasting, deep, and meaningful (personal and professional) relationships.  She is the bestselling author of Renew and Restore: Communicate, Connect, and Celebrate Your Best Self, as well as a TEDx speaker.

Prior to speaking and counseling, she enjoyed a 20-year career in health, fitness, nutrition, and business. Patty's clients have experienced substantial results while learning to take charge of their lives. A graduate from the University of North Florida (CACREP accredited), Patty earned a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is the past President of Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) and was selected to the Mayor's Victims Assistance Advocacy Counsel (VAAC).

Her TEDx Talk




Dr. Alka Patel

Being part of a Summit with Patty was inspiring.  The enlightening conversation made me realize I am not alone.  I loved listening to what everybody had to contribute and learning from amazing women.  There is magic in a professional women's community; it was powerful to cultivate authenticity, empowerment, and connection in a relaxed and supportive setting.  Thank you so much for putting it together and for inviting me to be a part of it.

Purvi Tantia
Mumbai, India

Patty spoke at Women of Wisdom summits. Attendees love her. I knew as soon as I met Patty that I wanted her to speak at the Women of Wisdom summit. I love her energy, content, and passion to serve the audience. Patty exceeded my expectations in every way as a speaker. Her content includes real-life examples that leave the audience inspired. She has my highest recommendation as a speaker for any event aimed to inspire the audience.


Fighting Fairly In Court And Home
Superwoman Syndrome
Compassion Fatigue
Communication Missteps
Marital/Couple Issues
Stress Management

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We Look Forward To Seeing You Speak At The Summit

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